Apr. 3rd, 2012

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I just wanted to get the word out about a friend of a friend who has opened up sketch commissions to cover costs for a new tablet pen and tuition. [tumblr.com profile] xiiau is on tumblr, and offering colored, digital sketches (no backgrounds/full-body, see the banner above for examples) for $20 apiece. You can see more examples of her work here and here. For her original post on tumblr, click here. Xiiau is accepting payment via paypal, but would prefer that you contact her via tumblr for the email and details concerning your commission. If you're not familiar with/aren't a fan of tumblr, but are interested in commissioning Xiiau, just let me know an I'm sure something can be worked out. =]

As added incentive [tumblr.com profile] pigeonsoup is offering free prints/buttons/paper crafted piece of your own work if you commission Xiiau, and I'm offering short-ish recordings of podfic (or the phonebook. Whatevs.) in exchange. Or a recording of any length if you're able to track down a replacement Intuos4 pen that can be sent to Hungary (or the equivalent in donations/commissions). [I'll take care of any author negotiations if it's not your own work or by someone who has given blanket permission.]

[Mods: apologies if off-DW promos are frowned upon. I'd like to make the case that the podfic offer is still through dreamwidth. =] I was also unsure about tags -- there don't seem to be any for promo posts.]


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